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About us

Held for the first time in 2009, for over a decade, the team behind Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD), under Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia, has devoted their expertise by creating a platform meant to bridge art and design with other disciplines ranging from fashion, film, hospitality, technology, F&B and more. It is the first and only exhibition which initiates the collaboration between these various disciplines.


In a concentrated effort to achieve this, ICAD has established its name by offering curated exhibitions and programs highlighting cutting-edge creations and innovations of our times. Their annual events, taking place in Jakarta’s happening lifestyle neighborhood Kemang, have featured prominent artists, designers, and cross-discipline creators from across the globe. 


ICAD has also partnered with prestigious international platforms such as Milan SuperDesign Show, La Biennale di Venezia, and London Design Biennale, in curating and showcasing Indonesian art and design to the world. 

Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia is a foundation initiated by a group of designers from various disciplines and experiences.

The vision of the foundation is to establish a growing and strong creative industry in Indonesia, focusing on the quality of human resources and the abundance of Indonesian art and culture.

Icad_22-0806-OK-1 ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2358-OK ungu.jpg
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Icad_22-4324-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2315-OK 2 ungu.jpg
Icad_22-0571-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-0341-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-0301-OK 2 ungu.jpg
Icad_22-3271-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-0466-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2514-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-1301-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2277-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2620-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-3061-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-0279-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-1385-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-2538-OK ungu.jpg
Icad_22-3286-OK ungu (1).jpg
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Anwar, 2020. Photo 5 by Hakim Ahmad.png.png
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