Diana Nazir Curator

Itjuk Curator

Andika Frestian Art Director

Amanda Ariawan Writer

Aloysius Baskoro Junianto Designer Product

Ayang Kalake Photographer

Danton Sihombing Graphic Designer

Du’Anyam Product Design

Eldwin Pradipta Artist

Felicia Budi Fashion Designer

Natureline Product Design

Pala Nusantara Product Design

Savira Lavinia Fashion Designer

Studio Dapur Product Design

Tommy Ambiyo Product Designer

Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia is pleased to present Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) 2019. Established in 2009, it is the first and only annual exhibition that unites Indonesia’s top creators to promote their local wisdom under a contemporary context. Marking a decade of their success, while celebrating the splendid culture of Betawi people as Jakarta’s “native” inhabitants, Essential Jakarta sets off as ICAD’s second representation and the first Indonesian Pavilion in the annual Superdesign Show, held at Superstudio in Tortona, Milan, Italy.  This edition is mainly supported by the Jakarta Capital City Government under the Department of Tourism and Culture.


This year, their initiative targets recent works of art from prominent Jakarta-based creators – bringing them to the international stage. These personalities detach themselves from the cliché forms of representations, and apply multidisciplinary and interactive approaches instead. More than the act of preserving, the works presented here consider the place and sustainability of Betawi culture at pace the contemporary era.

Entering the Kembang Goyang, Indonesian for “dancing flower” but also the name given to one of Jakarta’s most iconic traditional snack, art enthusiasts visiting the Milano Design Week 2019 are invited to delve into its four petals, each one a universe to unveil.

Betawi’s culture emerged in the 19th century in Batavia, present-day Jakarta, the former capital of the Dutch East Indies, or what is known today as Indonesia. The ethnic group of Betawi was formed under various local and international influences. Balinese, Javanese, Buginese and Makassarese crossed with Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Eurasian values, forming a progressive and distinguished mosaic of cultures. 


The term “native” itself becomes questionable. The positive perspective on multiculturalism that the Betawi people uphold ought to be celebrated. Parallel to the development of the city, Betawi’s culture has progressed. Thus, what remains a strong ethos is their openness and adaptability vis-à-vis changes. As newcomers arrive in Jakarta, an even more dynamic scene is created.


ICAD invites you to step in and plunge yourself into Betawi’s vibrant way of life, dedicated exclusively for those who cherish expression, rejoice differences, and appreciate the art of living. “Ayo!” 

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