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ICAD X: Searching for the Veiled Things

Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) 2019 is the tenth exhibition of ICAD. It has been a long journey for a cultural and creative event in Indonesia since it was first held in 2009. To celebrate this achievement, we would like to give something different in the presentation at the Grandkemang Hotel; we show the results of our searching for creative people’s practices that provide essential contributions to our contemporary culture. Factor X becomes the central theme of ICAD 2019, framed in the curatorial method of mind-mapping. The participants of this exhibition were invited to unveil their creative work, which had been hidden in archival documents, visual documentation, notes, and thoughts. To present such idea into an exhibition, the 2019 ICAD Artistic Team took quite a long time to explore the social background, artistic methods, documents, both by interviewing the artists/designers and examining the artworks made by ten participants who we consider representing the latest developments of creative work in Indonesia. We did the same way to younger participants who tend to work with the mind-mapping framework. These participants were invited to present their artworks by also providing the experience related to their creative methods. The idea of mind mapping is framed in the strategy of how to open the veils or to read the ‘footprints’ belong to the artists and designers during their creative process. All the works existed in the contemporary world; in fact, they have a constructive footprint that comes from the thoughts of their creators and attaches to the social world surrounding the works when the artist/designer creates it. A concept of design works must have speculative-constructive trails of its designers who build relevance to society.

Thus, we hope this exhibition will give you a new experience in seeing creative works.



  1. Adi Purnomo

  2. Agus Suwage

  3. Dolorosa Sinaga

  4. F.X. Harsono

  5. Hardiman Radjab

  6. Hendra Hadiprana

  7. Nirwan Dewanto

  8. Rinaldy Yuniardi

  9. Syahrizal Pahlevi

  10. Tisna Sanjaya 


  1. Achmad Krisgatha

  2. Aliansyah Caniago

  3. Bandu Darmawan

  4. Benny Wicaksono

  5. Danny Wicaksono

  6. Denny R Priyatna

  7. Lenny Ratnasari Weichart

  8. Maryanto

  9. Mulyana Mogus

  10. Paul Kadarisman

  11. Pingkan Polla

  12. Suvi Wahyudianto

  13. Tommy Ambiyo Tedji

  14. Wimo Ambala Bayang

  15. Yaya Sung 


  1. Aditya Tri Suwito

  2. Agnes Hansella

  3. Dea Yuliana Kombaitan

  4. Dhanurendra Pandji

  5. Izal Batubara

  6. Maria Deandra & Taufiqurrahman

  7. Marten Bayuaji

  8. The Distilerry Asia 

  1. WE ARE HERE : Moving Image from the British Council Collection and LUX - The Space Between

         Artists: Ursula Mayer, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler,

         The Otolith Group, Naeem Mohaiemen

    2. Endah Wahyu Sulistianti

    3. Joshua Simanjuntak

    4. ‘The Science of Fiction’