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Every year, the curators and artistic team behind ICAD (Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design) conduct their research on emerging talents. As part of identifying promising individuals and collectives, ICAD also opens its doors for anyone to submit their creation in response to the festival’s theme, for a further selection process.

In its 12th edition, ICAD adopts Fragmeting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow as theme. Through an understanding of ‘reconstruction’ as a process of not only creating the new, but also ‘reshaping’ the old, ICAD invites creatives from various disciplines ranging from design, art, architecture, fashion, science, technology, amongst others, to submit their project to be exhibited to the public during ICAD 12.

As the world steps forward to begin a new chapter post-pandemic, ICAD sees the need to reflect on this important phase. A time in which the past and the future intersect. A moment in which we look back to the things that have ended, as well as the possibilities that lie ahead. 

What insights and habits have we learned during the pandemic or throughout the history of our society, which should be preserved, abandoned, or redesigned? The new ideas proposed by each participant may be inspired or moulded by their individual experience and perspective, as well as the communal culture or way of being of the society from which they come. 

ICAD 2022_Open Call Poster2.jpg



Wednesday 1st June - Friday 1st July 2022


Friday 15th July 2022 (Result will be announced by email and website)

Exhibition date

19th October - 27th November 2022 | Venue: grandkemang Hotel, Jakarta. 

ICAD 2022_Open Call Poster2.jpg



Individuals and collectives of any nationality, gender, and age. 


Participants could come from any discipline that involves or intersects with art, product design, graphic design, fashion design, and architecture.


Able to produce and send physical works to the exhibition venue at their own cost. 


Selected participants are open to have their work featured in ICAD 12’s catalogue, website, and other promotional materials. 

To submit your work, please fill in the Open Call form below.

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Project Proposal for ICAD 12

Please upload a project proposal for a new work which responds to the theme above. The proposal should include: 

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