Public holds the most dominant position in design; they play the role of a consumer, but they also hold power in directing which trend and experimentation would the design world lean to. The development of design itself can be defined by the sociological aspects and events surrounding a society, within a particular period of time. This can be seen through the way Covid-19, as a worldwide phenomenon, marks our contemporary age. The pandemic has brought fundamental effects into our social realm - in terms of social relations and interactions, thus affecting other aspects of our lives. As designers, what possible futures can we imagine? What changes can we foresee taking place post-pandemic? Through the idea of speculative design, one tries to understand the shifts that they are going through in order to develop new possibilities to overcome these challenges. Designers are invited to look further ahead; a design might not be suitable to the current conditions, but may hold the potential of being applicative and inspirational to the public of the future. 

Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) invites designers (product, craft, graphic, fashion) to submit

their work. The proposed creations should respond to this year’s theme, ‘ICAD XI: PUBLIK’, which will be held from

21 October - 28 November 2021 at grandkemang Hotel, Jakarta.


The pandemic has shown us the glimpse of what the future holds. As we try to understand the role of design post-pandemic, we have to first better understand the ways people move through space and change in so many life aspects.



Participate in ICAD XI and submit your work by following these guidelines:

  1. The call is open to Indonesian and international applicants residing in Indonesia, as well as Indonesian applicants residing abroad.

  2. Individual or group applicants should have experience in the creative field for at least 5 years.

  3. Proposed project should be realised in 2020 or later. It could either be an existing work, or an on-going project that would be fully realised before October 2021.

  4. The idea behind the project shall echo or respond to the theme ‘public’, concentrating on the notion of interaction, public experience, and engagement.

  5. To propose your project, upload the following documents (in PDF format) on our submit form 

        (Deadline: 21th of July 2021):

  • CV and artist statement (Please include your reachable contact info in this document).

  • Portfolio containing 10 selected works that best represent your practice.

  • Project proposal that includes:

         -    Detailed caption of the project: title, materials used, dimension, edition (if any), and year of creation.

         -    Project outline of 300-500 words. Text should explain its correlation to the theme of the exhibition.

         -    Visuals (sketch, photo, video still, and other relevant images) to present an overview of the project.

   6.  Project shall tap into (but not limited to) the following fields: product design, fashion design, and graphic design.  

Terms and Conditions:

  1. ICAD’s curatorial team will select 10 projects in relation to the theme ‘Publik’ (public) to be featured at our exhibition venue this year.

  2. Selected applicants should be responsible for their own production and shipment or delivery costs.

  3. Selected applicants will be required to sign a consignment agreement (*) with ICAD prior to handing over their physical work.


*Should you like to understand the agreement terms, kindly contact us through submission@arturaicad.com