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Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Department, Jakarta Capital City Government, and ICAD present, ‘Weaving the World’ by ICAD Collective as part of the Superdesign Show at Milan Design Week.

In times when dissimilarities and opposing natures have become more discernable, how do we stay together despite the ruptures caused by current events? Weaving, as the title implies, promises a vision of combining different aspects into a united entity – from intellectual ideas to their transcendence in the form of physical materials. The curators and artistic directors behind ‘Weaving the World’, Diana Nazir (Curator), Amanda Ariawan (Assistant Curator), and Andika Frestian (Artistic Director) view this attempt at unification, coexistence, and intersection through the act of weaving. Aspects that tend to stand apart from each other such as art and design, craft and technology, softness and hardness, slowness and speed, present themselves as one in an attractive space, which allows us to feel equilibrium amidst contrasts.

The exhibition ran from 17 – 23 April 2023 at Superstudio Events, Via Tortona 27, Milano, Italy.

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