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The merchandise zone features six brands with unique design ideas, offering products that portray the city of Jakarta, and Indonesia as a country.


Bondel-Mondel leans on the motto “revolving design, revolving story”. Each piece designed by Danton Sihombing is a tool of storytelling; a door that leads to the festive culture of Jakarta. “Tarian di Tengah Kota” (In English: Dance in the middle of the city) becomes the background story of its latest series of merchandise. It highlights how “Ondel-Ondel”, the famous giant puppet of Betawi -- a character that originated from Bali’s mythical “Barong” (the spirit that protects the island) -- acts as a tool of social engagement and interaction. The myth of “Ondel-Ondel” being the guardian of the people might just be true. In an age characterised by individuality, “Ondel-Ondel” reminds us to be human; to gather, socialise, and most of all, celebrate togetherness daily.


Pala Nusantara collaborates with Mylea in introducing “the world’s first mushroom wooden watch” called the Pala X Mylea Watch. This locally crafted and fully organic watch is made out wood and mushroom leather, grown in local agri-waste. In the attempt of making fashion eco-friendly, they applied a technology that replaces animal and petroleum-based leather with natural material. The start-up company seeks to take part in reducing environmental problems. The “Ondel-Ondel” series features two shapes of watch, the “Empok” (Female Betawi) and the “Abang (Male Betawi).


Du’Anyam works closely with talented women of Flores in creating wicker products, aiming to empower these women, whilst also promoting Indonesian culture. Studio Dapur collaborates with bamboo craftsmen in West Java to encourage the use of green material and improve the livelihood of artisans. Whereas DhanQ Signature works on leather-based products, Naturline uses wax as main substance -- both designing products that emphasize Indonesia’s authenticity.